A Global Network At Your Fingertips

No matter how good you are at your job, or how excellent your services or products may be, there is always room for learning and improvement. The best companies emphasise the importance of learning, adapting to change and discovering new perspectives to innovate and lead.

OUR Corporate INNOVATION ProgramS connect your company and executives with other leading BUSINESSES around the world, setting you apart from your competition.

During these focused visits, you will meet with industry leaders and innovators to learn best practices, tour their offices and facilities, and understand their unique perspectives. We’ll help your team engage in meaningful conversations with international companies about their vision and growth strategies and will help facilitate opportunities for unmatched learning and idea-generation.


Every program is custom-developed for your organisation. Our goal is to ensure that your business education and growth goals are fully satisfied, while offering you an unrivalled travel and hospitality experience.

Connect with leading companies around the world
Visit international factories and offices
Hold meetings with top executives in your field
Build lasting relationships with critical providers, vendors and partners


Sample Programs Include:

Meeting with South African coffee and tea providers
Visiting corn and avocado producers in Mexico
Brainstorming with digital media companies and leading newspapers in New York and Chicago
Touring olive and vegetable production farms in Spain
Exploring partnerships with coffee and cocoa producers in Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala
Visiting leading hospitals in Europe, United States and Latin America

Trust A2D to develop a bespoke professional development program combined with unmatched entertainment and luxury travel.

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